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Ocean collection

There are two Hawaiian words that apply to the element of water; Kai; the ocean and Wai; the rivers and freshwaters. Artist Philip Sabado excels in his depiction of the Kai, the ocean. You see as a boy, swimming and fishing in Molokai were as common as ʻrolling off a logʻ. His affinity to water is illustrated in all his works. When Mano (the shark in Ka Poe Oʻ Kahiko,) the ancient fisherman of the sea, comes through, all the little fishes scatter and give him space, only a fisherman would know these things! See the Kalo Farmer, the kai is reflected in all the Kalo leaves. As we look to Kaeo, see the stillness and placid waters of dawn.
The artist is perhaps six or seven. He thinks by some great twist of fate he thinks he has discovered the color turquoise. We see his face now, he is that dark-skinned child from hours playing under the Hawaiian sun. Was this an accident, could he do this again? It was simply blue and green, yet the moment would launch a career. From this moment the desire began, the distant thought of being an artist took form. These two colors took a new life and he was enthralled. It would set his life on a separate path from those in his Molokai village. You will see this amazing turquoise in all the painting about the ocean, always look for this color in all his paintings.

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