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La’ama’oma’o ~ Goddess of the Wind ~Hawaiian mythology resounds in love stories, and this is a love story that begins on Kapa’a Kaua'i in the eleventh century. At this time their own Ali’i governed all islands. Her name is La'ama'oma'o and she is the "Goddess of the Winds." Far in the distance her husband, Ku’u Nuuanu, has departed in the canoe. His destination is the Big Island. Once there his mission will be to reclaim his station as the Kahu iwi Kuamo’o, the assistant to the Ali'I, Umi a Liloa, (chief) of Hawaii. His post is to stand at the side of the Ali'i and assure his wellbeing to the last detail. Patiently she sits on the shoreline on Kauai as she awaits her husband's return. Now pregnant with a child who will be a son, she will call the winds from the sacred gourd to send him back to his Ali'i. Her prayer is a safe voyage when he returns. From her grandmother, she has inherited the power to call the winds from a sacred gourd that has been passed down to her. Her Tutu, grandmother, taught the names of the winds, and the winds held captive in the gourd to her. The son she carries will inherit the gourd, as she had from her grandmother.


This gourd exists in Bishop museum in Honolulu, Hawaii to this day.



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