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Au'au I Ka Honu ~ Translates to "Swimming with the turtles" Here a Wahine is one with the sea and her Aumakua, the Honu in the ancient village of Pelekunu on the island of Molokai, a girl travels with a white Honu to the place of the Hawaiian maiden’s family ancestries. Together they glide through the crystal blue waters, as they are like playmates in the life-giving sea. In this painting innocence and freedom and purity are captured, as one in spirit. This Honu (white turtle) is her families Aumakua, (family deity) and is known as a creature of great power and wisdom. Look to the Honu's eyes, you can feel his soul and wisdom. They glide swiftly in the deep azure waters. Overhead is her Wa’a, her canoe. They travel within the blue waters to discover the depths of the sea. Her hands grasp his shell as they prowl the deep. Oil paint offers so many possibilities. I was able to create true translucency to the ocean to honor this legend of Molokai.


Aumakua of Pelekunu


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