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Leiomano- Ancient Hand Fighting Tool

The leiomano is a shark-toothed club used by various Polynesian cultures, but mostly by the native Hawaiians.Leiomano is a word in the Hawaiian language and may have been derived from lei o manō, which means "a shark's lei."

The weapon resembles a thick Ping-Pong paddle inset with shark teeth. The tiger shark is the preferred donor. These teeth are placed into grooves in the club and sewn into place. The tip of the handle also may utilize a marlin bill as a dagger.


This painting an illustration of the way a tool and implement can be a work of art. Those are sharks teeth in perfect alignment, used as a hand weapon for hand combat. The rope is Olona, made from a plant. The triangle shapes honor the shark Amakua (family Guardian)

Sharks Tooth


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