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This painting begins in the sacred realm of ‘Wao Akua’ (Where The Gods Dwell.) This is where life begins in the purest form of water from the sacred mountains. It is here the o’opu and hi’hiwai flourish. In the time past only the Ali’i could consume these delicacies, when the others could not. The Ie’ie plant grows only in the mountains of Hawaii, where selected roots are harvested to weave a fish basket. The roots are soaked in the fresh water for a period of time until it is pliable enough to be woven. These are ‘Moi’ a fish that at one time, was reserved for the ‘Ali’i.’ A brilliant silver fish, that is ‘ono’ delicious.

The Ie`ie fish basket has been known to have a lifetime usage with proper care.

As long as the waters of the mountain runs pure, the o`opu will flourishes, and the roots of the Ie`ie plant high up on a tree reaches for the grown, we have pono. Together these two cannot exist without the other. As in a union, each supports the growth of the other. Malama Pono.

As a Hawaiian Auntie commented: “This is an important plant for a hula dancer whose uniki's...a symbol or logo for hula beautiful.”



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