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It is not often that you see a painting that depicts the night and especially moonlight. The challenge mesmerized me so much that I spent many evenings sitting in my yard in Ha'iku watching the moon cast its silver light on my ti garden. My challenge was to focus on where the warmth of the colors emanated from. What I discovered was the coolness touched the “tops” of the leaves and the “warmth” was under the leaves, probably the remains of the day.
I saw this ti and the cascading river shimmering over the black lava stones in Laupahoehoe. It was getting late and the new moon, “Mahealani” shown directly overhead. I saw that the moon had a prism effect on all it touched as it penetrated the leaves of this ti. I then remembered the nights I’d spent “studying” the moon in my Maui home. 
The river is a constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life.

Lava Stream ~ Laupahoehoe


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