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This painting began in California, prior to our move to Hilo. We had been to Las Vegas to see a local Halau (dancetroop)  perform. Imagine in the middle of the 'Glitter Gulch, Hula! Later while living in Hilo Philip was privileged to meet Uncle Johnny Lum Ho. He closed his eyes and asked to be allowed to “sleep and see if this title came in his dream.” He called the next day to say the work would be known as: “Kalakapu” “Sacred Sunshine. 

It was my honor at this time to meet Reverend David Kealakea. When he saw this painting he asked me "How did you know this stance, with the hands up-turned? I said it was just what I saw in my dream; he smiled and said that this is the ancient, ‘Kahiko’ style, and that he could not know how I could know this? Especially because I never learned hula. “In 1987, “The Year of The Hawaiian” was 6 months into the year when in July I was able to meet the council that selected this piece as the official poster. It gave me such pleasure to be driving through Maui communities and see into someone’s home the poster as the only art on the wall for a family to enjoy. Celebrating “The Year of The Hawaiian…




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