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“Commissions have been a place where I can blend my personal understanding and love of Hawaiian history and bring this to the multitudes in public places.  I have great pride to be involved with Kaiser Permanente Hospitals. Here I was able to bridge the world of Hawaiian medicine (organic and ethnic) to Western science. The bridge was built with art work. Once an Ohana, the family enters a floor to visit or be admitted, they are greeted with elements in artwork familiar to them. Hense a place of peace and ultimately healing and care is created in the envirement. Murals are a very effective means of communicating. Art has a way of speaking to you, no matter how many times you may view a mural; each time you may see something new.

Schools, banks and Cultural Centers have been another commission base that has helped me understand that touching peoples lives through artwork, touches their soul and spirit.

Kaiser Hospital, Kapiolani Honolulu

Pomaikai elementary School, Maui

 Westin Nanea, Maui

Kaiser Hospital, Kauai